The Aquatic Environments

Aquatic environments such as wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems of our planet. In them we can find very different conditions depending on water depth and substratum. These variations allow for the coexistence of many types of habitats, which in turn are the home of hundreds of species adapted to such conditions. Birds are one of the largest groups of vertebrates in the wetlands. You can see on display some of the birds that can be found in Chacoan ponds.


In the central region of Argentina, the Mar Chiquita salt lake system stands out for its large size (above this paragraph: photo of the lake taken by the MODIS sensor in the Terra satellite in October, 2008), as well as the Río Dulce wetlands (depicted in the photo on the top of this informative panel) shared by the provinces of Córdoba and Santiago del Estero.

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