Exotic fauna

Animals that are not native to a country are called exotical, as opposed to vernacular ones. This hall exhibits examples of interesting exotic vertebrates such as the Platypus, Australian oviparous mammal; the Gila monster, one of the few venomous lizards in the world; the European salamander, amphibian of the Order Urodela that resembles a lizard by its long tail; the Bald Eagle, national symbol of the U.S.; the Goose and the Peacock, and the European hare, introduced mammal well adapted a long time ago to our country. Also, among others, skeletons of a Flying fox (the world´s largest bat), a Kangaroo, a Wild Boar, and an Echidna, the only other extant oviparous mammal of the world that, as well as kangaroos and platypus, lives in Oceania.

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